7 Reasons Why Beginner Programmers Should Study Php Programming Language

It’s important to note that the developers working to improve PHP aren’t paid to work on the program. But they do it anyway because they could use the extra features and capabilities. Practically anyone with some basic knowledge of programming can pitch in. A full stack web developer is a person who can develop both client andserver software. The thing I don’t like is CS school grads shitting on PHP for reasons that are all abstract and concern only a CS student. To all of the people who use PHP apps to get stuff done – you just aren’t smart enough to know what a loser you are /sarcasm.

PHP vs Python

And we can’t just change MASTER to MAIN and SLAVE to SECONDARY? It’s fast, easier to work with than PHP, and it’s C# which, IMO, is a lot better than PHP in terms of syntax. Be this as it may, I’m not convinced that the problems the language has are as large as many would make out.

In some scenarios , this feature can cause maintenance problems. Onto the metric of speed and performance, it doesn’t seem fair to compare the two because they work differently. Both of them are on the slow side, to begin with, and actual performance for PHP still depends on which framework you’re using. As for ROR, it sacrifices speed for functionality and ease of use.

How Is Php Programming Compared To Others?

Its popularity is one of the main advantages since there’s no shortage of developers with rich experience in using PHP. Also, if you have a corporate website that works on PHP, its maintenance won’t become a problem in the coming years. Finally, the ease of integration with old databases will be a plus if you still work with a legacy system and don’t plan to modernize it despite all the drawbacks. Choosing the right database management system is a task that can predetermine the success of your web application. Due to that reason, database architecture design occupies an essential role in the product life cycle.

Seriously, though, this is a psychological thing and an identity thing for the haters. You went to school and learned discrete mathematics and algorithms and the housepainter next door is able to call himself a “programmer”. I also hate javascript because it is too taxing in terms of developer experience. But I disagree that the declarative nature of async/await/promises that you mentioned, especially the functional nature of .then() is one of the bad parts of javascript. Laravel, self-publicised as “The PHP Framework for web artisans”, provides an MVC architecture for creating PHP applications safely and quickly.

A stable language is one whose fundamentals remain the same for a very long time. It allows programmers to use their knowledge and skills on that particular knowledge for a long time without the risk of everything becoming obsolete. On the other hand, you have an unstable language like JavaScript that receives a bombardment of updates and extensions, making it hard for programmers to keep up with.

  • It’s important to note that the developers working to improve PHP aren’t paid to work on the program.
  • These tools are a set of small tight cgi binaries written in C.
  • Having said this, you should always use the stable version of the program and install all updates to make sure that your program is up-to-date and secure.
  • I’m with you on that one; you don’t need a full fledged RDBMS and programming language to run a simple website.
  • Both beginners and experienced programmers can contribute to language development, and any developer can use the language to create web pages.

For many years, both PHP and JavaScript have been on top of web development technologies popularity lists. These languages have a large audience, there’s no shortage of developers using them daily, and the number of projects implemented with their use is uncountable. Besides, there are dozens of pretty popular frameworks that allow developers to make more with less coding, such as Laravel or React , for example. Both Python and PHP have frameworks to offer, but there are more options for PHP. PHP has been around for a lot longer than Python, which means there was much more time to develop frameworks. Many experienced developers also consider PHP a mature language, mainly because it has had years to expand in functionality and tools.

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I develop several projects on Laravel/Vue and I’m moving more and more toward SPAs. There are a lot of benefits to SPA’s and I doubt it’ll just be a phase/trend. As far as shareable/bookmarkable url’s, basic router modules can easily take care of paths. How to Hire a PHP Developer Today we develop reliable, well tested, fast enterprise applications with it, all using mature object-oriented patterns. Long behind are the days of the PHP transactional script. Composer is definitely up to par with other platforms’ counterparts .

The early versions of PHP were slow and took a lot of time to execute codes, which meant that Python had the upper hand. But PHP turned the tables with the release of PHP 7x, which offered faster loading times than Python. For websites that require ultra-fast loading speeds and high traffic volumes, PHP comes highly recommended. PHP has been around for more than 25 years, and it has remained an open-source program throughout that time.

Node Js Great Performance With Some Limitations

Industry folk like to agitate the ecosystem and promote what ever isn’t already on top. And php does something like that, once the request has been processed and dispatched. Someone said that the most difficult thing is CS is to maintain state, and is so hard, that sometimes you just have to reboot the machine, so all the state is resetted.

Inevitably there will be people that are fans of PHP and are so invested in it that they will defend it to the very end, that is the case with any technology that is being displaced. At the end of the day people will use whatever works for them, but I wouldn’t be starting a new project in PHP. “People go nuts with strong-type, leave me with my on-the-fly string-to-int-to-bool conversions just because ;-)”. I can imagine the mental load you put to other people reading your code. 2) Easy to learn compared to other languages like C++ and Perl. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

PHP vs Python

In addition, there is also a large repository of resources and information online about PHP. Should you need help regarding PHP, many blogs, forums, video tutorials, and e-books offer help with PHP programming. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and learning. Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. While using W3Schools, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use,cookie and privacy policy. Everything works well and as expected, everything is stable.

PHP will be around for a long time yet but I just think things have moved on and it will gradually decline in popularity. I’m sure that plenty of hobbyist programmers will continue to use it, but larger scale projects will not be using PHP for new developments. It uses JIT (just-in-time) compilation to provide the best of both worlds. It’s pretty cool, and you can read more in Facebook’s own blog post if you’re interested.

Never Miss A Hack

It’s a tool for a fairly narrow domain, implemented in a complex way. In an ideal world, if an application must be complex, the complexity should be visible to the developer in user code, not the language itself. You don’t need a complex tool to create complex projects. But are these simply properties of PHP’s age, to be expected?

I glued a tiny chunk of mirror to redirect the table’s camera “forward”. Skype called the table for video/audio and used the webpage to drive. My website got so many hack attempts and spammy posts to comment threads that I threw out the whole WYSIWYG system and went back to all hand typed text and html 1.0. I’m much happier and don’t get a ton of email notifications of blocked IPs from Russia, China, etc. I don’t have to go hacking pages to get simple functionality that I want and then have to rehack when updates get pushed out.

PHP vs Python

Years later the rest of us are still being asked to maintain their crap. Meanwhile PHP has evolved into a quite decent object oriented language. One can write very clean code in PHP IF one makes the effort to do so. That’s not a bad thing, if you chose to code like you care what happens when you have to maintain what you write in the future. But if you’re building something new in 2020, you have to accept that this brings limitations. The question is, which of described technologies to choose for your next web application development project.

Conversely, any person could come up with a list of reasons not to study PHP. But those reasons only make sense to people who have no intention to code. There’s also no point in comparing your progress with others because these experiences are, for the most part, subjective. If you think about these differences, it becomes apparent that JavaScript and PHP complement each other. In truth, the very best websites use both PHP and JavaScript to create beautiful yet functional web pages.

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Add this to its labyrinthine error/exception handling , and it’s easy to make mistakes if you’re not well versed in the nuances of the language. If you decide to stick with this language, you’ll work with one of the oldest and most popular programming languages. It was initially released in June 1995 and has been developed up to the present day.

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Best Server-side language can provide highly customized solutions by taking into consideration the distinct needs and requests of each individual user. How does PHP fare in comparison to a https://globalcloudteam.com/ framework like Ruby on Rails? Ruby is a general-purpose programming language for those who don’t know. Like PHP, Ruby on Rails also operates on the server-side, and it is also open-source.

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I’d be willing to bet that for the majority of readers of this article, their first forays into web programming involved PHP.

Whilst perhaps a factor, it’s certainly isn’t the reason for the hate. Node, for example, will be an excellent choice for an application whose primary purpose is to process a large number of concurrent requests. At the same time, remember that it’s only suitable for small and medium tasks and building an app requiring complex calculations with Node is not the brightest idea. If you seek maximum data security and decreasing the very possibility of vulnerabilities is one of your main aims, you should also prefer Node. The development team can effortlessly build a full-stack environment with Node and make testing less labor-intensive and costly.

Both Node and PHP have strong and weak sides, so answering the question might not be simple. In any case, remember that the specifics of your project must remain the only criteria upon which you should decide what technologies to include in your tech stack. However, despite the described disadvantages, PHP can be a better choice than Node in some cases. For example, it can simplify the development process since it allows you to implement more functionality with fewer code lines compared to Node.

PHP is a general-purpose programming language used to create dynamic websites. It is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use programming languages available, next to CSS and JavaScript. The language is readily accessible and secure, with a selection of frameworks to choose from and an entire community of developers to back it up.

If you can’t make a decision, there’s always a possibility to consult with industry specialists. As we’ve mentioned, PHP uses generic syntax and structure, allowing for a shallow learning curve. Many programmers choose to start learning PHP ahead of other languages if they don’t choose the good old C programming. In contrast, ROR is more complicated since you have to grasp an entire web of independent concepts.

The use of these packages helps to free the development team from the necessity to implement various app functions from scratch, which positively impacts the overall project time. In addition, more ease of development can be achieved thanks to sharing code and tests between client-side and server-side parts of the app. Initially, it was called “Personal Home Page” because it was used to create personal home pages. But the programming language evolved, acquiring new features and capabilities with each upgrade. Thus, the developers working on the language changed its name into something more appropriate to its function. 4) PHP is compatible with all popular relational database management systems like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.

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